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Cheap wireless bike computer:  INBIKE IN321/IC321 from Banggood
Cheap wireless bike computer: INBIKE IN321/IC321 from Banggood

Cheap wireless bike computer: INBIKE IN321/IC321 from Banggood

Review of my cheap but decent INBIKE IC321/IN321 wireless waterproof bicycle computer with LED Back-lighting from And how I install it on my 2017 Giant Trance 2 trail mountain bike.

July 5, 2020: The unit finally gave out on me. I left it on the bike while riding in the rain. Water finally found its ways inside the unit and destroyed the LCD screen. I tried to blow dry it with hair dryer in the hope to revive it but couldn’t. Price of the unit jumps up to roughly about $25 CAD including shipping. But considering this unit lasts me 3 years, I think it’s OK. Lesson learn: wrap it with zip-lock bag while riding in the rain. 🙂

cheap bike computer from Banggood

Sep 13, 2018: After almost 1 year it’s still working perfectly despite the fact that the plastic tabs at the back were broken off. I used 3M Scotch #4011 double sided tape (this ape doesn’t leave residue) to mount it on my handle bar.

Product Feature:


  • 12 functions : 1. Clock 2. EL back light 3. Aveage speed 4. Riding time 5. Total distance / total ODO 6. Stop Watch 7. Metric / imperial alternative 8. Riding speed 9. Max speed 10. Riding distance 11. AUTO ON / OFF
  • Bicycle odometer with LCD back-light.
  • Easy to read LCD display with large screen.
  • Easy to control with mode touch, ideal companion for your bicycle.
  • Easy to install firmly with mounting accessories.
  • Perfect to use for riding and other outdoor actives.
  • Ideal assistant for bicycle training.
  • Portable, durable and convenient.
  • Time display function, also can be used as a stop watch wonderful gadget for travelling.

Note: The computer back-light is only for 3 seconds. The installation of the head magnet can only be on a round spoke.

R.I.P my beloved Banggood wireless waterproof bicycle computer. I will remember you through this video at Dagmar North Trails in Uxbridge, Ontario.

Cheap wireless waterproof INBIKE bike computer

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