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ExpressLRS ES900TX and ES900RX firmware update and binding instruction in 3 easy steps
ExpressLRS ES900TX and ES900RX firmware update and binding instruction in 3 easy steps

ExpressLRS ES900TX and ES900RX firmware update and binding instruction in 3 easy steps

What is ExpressLRS?

ExpressLRS is an open source RC link for RC applications. It is based on the fantastic semtech SX127x/SX1280 hardware combined with an ESP8285, ESP32 or STM32. ExpressLRS supports a wide range of hardware platforms as well as both 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency options. ExpressLRS uses LoRa modulation as well as reduced packet size to achieve best in class range and latency compared to current commercial offerings.

ExpressLRS can run at various packet rates, up to 500hz or down to 25hz depending on your preference of range or low latency. At 900 MHz a maximum of 200 Hz packet rate is supported. At 2.4 GHz a blistering 500 Hz is currently supported with a custom openTX binary with future plans to extend this to 1000 Hz.

ExpressLRS supports telemetry as optional feature. Enabling telemetry also adds support for the betaflight lua script.

ExpressLRS can be flashed into existing Frsky R9M hardware (RX and TX), Jumper R900 RXs, SiYi FM30 Hardware (Rx and TX), GHOST hardware (RX and TX) or Custom PCBs can be made if you enjoy tinkering. Happy Model released official ExpressLRS hardware (RX and TX) and several other manufacturers are preparing to offer offical ELRS hardware soon so stay tuned.

Where to purchase?

Depending on your region, you should get a specific 900Mhz system. For instance: North America (US, CANADA, MEXICO) a ExpressLRS 915Mhz system is used. For European countries, a ExpressLRS 866Mhz system is used.

ExpressLRS 2.4Ghz system is used globally.

Happymodel ExpressLRS ES900TX and ES900RX combo kit
happymodel expresslrs 900Mhz kit
3 Easy Steps updating the latest firmware and binding instructions

In this section, you will find 3 easy step instructions for updating the ExpressLRS latest firmware

  • Step 1: Download and install ExpressLRS Configurator for your computer system.
  • Step 2: Update latest firmware for the receiver ES900RX through Wi-Fi. This update process must be done through Wi-Fi fiirst time around.
    1. Build the firmware file with same binding passphrase for Tx. Save this “firmware.bin”
    2. Wait at least 20 seconds for Wi-Fi to be activated on the ES900RX receiver right after giving it 5V power.
    3. Access this “ExpressLRS RX” Wi-Fi local network. Browse and select “firmware.bin” and then hit Upload the file to update.
  • Step 3: Update latest firmware for the transmitter module ES900TX using USB cable. This must be done using USB cable for the first time. Thereafter, you can update through Wi-Fi.
    1. Directly download the ExpressLRS LUA script using ExpressLRS Configurator and then upload onto FrSky Taranis X9D(+) SD Card in [SCRIPTS]->[TOOLS] folder. This script is used to change the settings and functionality of ExpressLRS module.
    2. Verify Taranis radio using the latest crossfire compatible OpenTX firmware.
    3. Build and Flash firmware with the same binding passphrase for Rx onto ES900TX module using USB cable. It must be done using USB cable for the first time updating the firmware.
    4. Turn on Crossfire protocol in MODEL SETUP under External RF on Taranis radio to activate the module.
    5. Execute ELRS.LUA script in Taranis radio setup page to change settings and select appropriate output power.
YouTube video reference

I also upload the video on YouTube for your reference. Please enjoy.! For manual instruction how to assemble happymodel ES900TX and ES900RX combo kit, please visit this post explaining how I did a hardware installation of this ES900TX on the FrSky Taranis radio.

Firmware update process for Happymodel ExpressLRS ES900TX and ES900RX

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