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FPV is dead – my last footage
FPV is dead – my last footage

FPV is dead – my last footage

Well, technically FPV is outlawed now and pretty much dead. Thus, this is my last FPV drone freestyle footage. If you can’t stand watching someone else FPV drone footage on YT (doesn’t matter how amazing it is or how fast it can do with FPV racing) for 30 sec, pretty much confirmed that FPV is dead. But on other hand, FLYING is not dead in my opinion. If you think otherwise, please comment below why you think it’s still strong and alive in 2020

FPV is dead

You can lower the weight of your fpv quad-copter and fly tiny whoop to make it legal but then tell those RC car hobby people to buy and play with Hot Wheels and see how they respond. 🙂

Pretty much this is my last fpv freestyle footage. I have other things to play with now and thanks for support!

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