How to create TrueNAS-Grafana dashboard using InfluxDB

Brief overview of my TrueNAS server monitoring setup and how to modify and customize TrueNAS-Grafana dashboard using InfluxDB time series database with graphite endpoint enabled. In this post, I will shows how to setup a “Current Disk Temperature” panel for TrueNAS in Grafana.

video showing “How to setup current disk temperature panel for TrueNAS in Grafana”

This is Part 2 in three part TrueNAS-Grafana series. You might need to have a knowledge how to setup a logging server as shown in my previous post.

image of TrueNAS-Grafana customized dashboard
Custom TrueNAS dashboard powered by Grafana and influxDB time series database

You can also access my github link for additional information and steps to create this dashboard using headless Ubuntu server OS in VMWare Type 1 hypervisor ESXi 7.0 virtual machine

If you have any questions, please comment down below.

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