How to install Windows 10 as Virtual Machine on VMware ESXi 7 for beginners

This video walks you through the process of how to install step by step the latest official Windows 10 version 2004 from Microsoft as virtual machine on VMware ESXi 7.0 for beginners.

Time stamp:

0:26 – Prerequisite
1:18 – Download official Windows 10 from Microsoft
4:23 – Upload ISO to ESXi 7.0
5:30 – Create/Register new virtual machine
8:17 – Windows 10 Installation

Post Installation Process
15:28 – Adjust Date/Time
15:45 – VMware Tools installation for Windows guest OS
18:08 – Taking snapshot of Fresh Windows Installation

How to install FreeNAS 11.3 VM on VMware ESXi 7.0

This video shows how to install the latest #FreeNAS 11.3-U3.2 onto #VMware #ESXi 7.0 host and some problems and issues I have encountered along the way. And most importantly, the reason why I select ESXi as my host operating system for all my virtual machines needs.

FreeNAS is an operating system that can be installed on virtually any hardware platform to share data over a network. FreeNAS is the simplest way to create a centralized and easily accessible place for your data. Use FreeNAS with ZFS to protect, store, and back up all of your data. FreeNAS is used everywhere, for the home, small business, and the enterprise.


02:12 – Creating datastore of ESXi
12:45 – Enabling hardware passthrough for VMs within ESXi
17:30 – Installation of FreeNAS 11.3-U3.2