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TrueNAS-12-RELEASE System Reporting Bug 🦠 🕷 🕸  –  How to fix it 🔨
TrueNAS-12-RELEASE System Reporting Bug 🦠 🕷 🕸 – How to fix it 🔨

TrueNAS-12-RELEASE System Reporting Bug 🦠 🕷 🕸 – How to fix it 🔨

In this video I am going to show you how to upgrade TrueNAS 12 to a Release version and the problem that goes with it and how to fix 🔧 that problem.! 🔨 which is TrueNAS reporting not working after update to v12-RELEASE version.

The Problem

Everything seems perfectly fine so far 🥰. Hard disks 💾 appear to be normal, mirror pools with all the datasets seem functional the way it should with all the sharing enabled except for one thing: System Reporting.

System Reporting seems missing from #GUI as a UI bug 🦠 🧫

TrueNAS system reporting GUI bug
TrueNAS-12-RELEASE system reporting GUI bug

It doesn’t matter what I do, for instance changing System Dataset to boot-pool, switching to a different browser or restarting system statistics collection daemon “collectd” in TrueNAS command line. System Reporting doesn’t seem to work the way it’s supposed to.

Therefor my advice to you is to hold off this update. #iXsystem is aware of this issue and has been investigating this bug. Most likely it’s UI bug that’s plagued with this TrueNAS-12-RELEASE.

If you wanna see a fix for this. I can certainly show you how but I have to warn you though, it’s not a permanent fix. Go to Preferences and choose a different theme then click on update preferences. Now go back to Reporting, everything appears just fine. As I said earlier, it’s not permanent. If you close down the browser and get back in the GUI after certain amount of time has passed, System Reporting in the GUI still fails showing the data.

The Fix

But if you want to have a permanent fix you can setup your own system reporting using Grafana with influxDB as shown here.

custom TrueNAS-Grafana dashboard for system reporting/monitoring
Customized TrueNAS-Grafana dashboard using influxDB time series database

That is my custom TrueNAS-Grafana dashboard that I made couple weeks ago for System Reporting. It is more intuitive that look at. I also made a video tutorial how to setup Grafana for TrueNAS using influxDB in my channel. You can certainly check it out. Because everything works except the UI doesn’t show the data properly from system statistics collection daemon “collectd”

If you have any question or comment don’t hesitate to ask or shoot me a line. Thanks for watching and I see you in the next video. Bye for now 👋 and have a good weekend! ❤️

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