TrueNAS CORE 12 Virtual Machine on VMware ESXi

TrueNAS CORE v12 is still in beta release state and not ready for production environment just yet. But in this video, I tested out its storage pools survivability from re-installation of NAS operating file system itself.

TrueNAS CORE upgrade and install as virtual machine

I have used Windows Server 2019 Storage Spaces in the past and all of my data was lost and disappeared after the re-installation of Windows Server. Something that’s unacceptable for rfs storage filesystem. You should always have backups of your files if you use Windows Storage Spaces just in case that your Windows Server OS won’t be able to boot up. All your data on storage spaces will be gone with it. You have been warned!

In order for me to be committed using TrueNAS CORE OS for my NAS system in VMware ESXi, I need to find out about this issue whether or not storage pool data is affected even with brand-new and fresh installation of TrueNAS CORE 12.

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